Commercial indoor air quality solutions designed to improve comfort

A building’s indoor air quality (IAQ) has a significant impact on the comfort of occupants, productivity, and health. Steps taken to improve IAQ also have a positive impact on a building’s HVAC system efficiency.

The benefits of improving IAQ can no longer be ignored by facilities managers. At Trinity we deploy the latest in IAQ measures with a national reach.

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IAQ Solutions We Recommend

Ultraviolet Light Ultraviolet Light (UVC)
  • HVAC component disinfection
  • In-duct air borne Inactivation
  • Upper air disinfection
Advanced Filtration Advanced Filtration
Capturing allergens from your indoor air including mold, bacteria, dust mites, and virus carriers.
Bipolar Ionization Bipolar Ionization
Proactively purifying indoor air like sunlight does in the atmosphere by producing positive and negative oxygen ions.

Ultraviolet Light (UVC)

UV light rays have been used for decades by the medical industry to fight against germs, mold, viruses, & bacteria. Purifying air in occupied spaces reduces the risk of cross infection and exposure of occupants to infectious airborne microbes.

Microorganisms also have negative affects on the HVAC systems and decrease their efficiency. UVC light reduces maintenance needs, protects HVAC air handling systems, and prevents build up of mold, bacteria, and other organic material on the coils and drain pan.

HVAC component disinfection

UVC lamps mounted within roof top units provide Germicidal UV light exposure to micro-organisms on the surfaces of your HVAC system including coil, drain pan, & air handling system.

UV kills the microbes that would otherwise accumulate on HVAC components and reduce efficiency of an HVAC system. This solution also reduces maintenance cost associated with routine coil cleaning.

In-duct air borne inactivation

UVC lamp assemblies are mounted within the ductwork of your HVAC system and fight pathogens as they move through the systems airstream.

This solution increases the time the air stream is exposed to UV light and maximizes its effectiveness.

Upper-air disinfection

This application utilizes fixtures designed to project ultraviolet rays across the upper room air thereby destroying bacteria and viruses that are carried into the ultraviolet field by convection currents or air circulation.

UV light
Ultraviolet Light Benefits:
Saves 10-25% in energy
Destroys surface and airborne microorganisms
Restores airflow levels to original specifications
Improves indoor air quality
Increases HVAC/R equipment life
Reduces maintenance
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air filter

Advanced Air Filtration

MERV 13 filters are among the most effective air filters you can buy and can actually remove some virus carriers from the air you breathe. Theses filters have success in filtering very small particles out of the air, even smaller than a single micron. MERV 13 will catch a significant number of particles between 1 and 5 microns, and a good number of ones even smaller than that.

The Arrestance, which describes how well an air filter removes larger particles - such as dirt, lint, hair, and dust, of MERV 13 filters is greater than 98%.

Bipolar Ionization

This technology produces positive and negative oxygen ions, much like those created naturally in the atmosphere by sunlight. The positive ions are missing an electron while the negative ions contain an extra electron. These charged ions bind to atoms and molecules in the air and neutralize bacteria, viruses, odors, and VOC’s.

Using positive and negative Ions to charge the air causes particulates to stick together augmenting the efficiency of existing air filtration. Ionization proactively improves indoor air quality. The technology attempts to restore the ion levels within a building to those found in the natural environment.

oxygen ions

Trinity Advantages

Certified IAQ personnel
Member of the Indoor Air Quality Association with IAQA S.M.A.R.T. certified personnel.
Professional technicians
We only work with licensed and bonded HVAC/R mechanical professionals.
Single source for IAQ, HVAC mechanical maintenance, and janitorial.
National reach
Local coverage from a network of over 7,000 licensed/bonded contractors throughout the U.S.
24/7 dispatch
24/7/365 live contact with our dispatch professionals from one centralized phone number.
We are licensed or affiliated with the following associations and organizations:
rfma IAQA connex
How can we help you with your Indoor Air Quality?

Trinity National Accounts provides indoor air quality & disinfection solutions. Our Certified IAQ staff can provide custom solutions for your national footprint.

  • Air filtration upgrades & replacement
  • UVC light disinfection
  • Fogging disinfection
  • Air purification through bipolar ionization
  • IAQ preventative maintenance