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SunTrac Solar Manufacturing LLC Selects Trinity Warranty Solutions as their Warranty Partner

Sept 16, 2015, Itasca, IL – Trinity Warranty announces SunTrac Solar Manufacturing LLC of Tempe, AZ has joined the growing number of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that rely on the company to provide their OEM warranty and Extended Service Agreement (ESA) coverage and other value added services.

SunTrac is a revolutionary company that is manufacturing solar thermal panels and systems designed for the HVAC industry. SunTrac has a patented technology, SmartPanel™, which is shaking up this traditionally conservative industry, normally hesitant to adopt cutting edge renewable energy technologies. SunTrac is being enthusiastically embraced for their products as the next generation of solar energy for a greener, cleaner and more efficient future.
According to Mike Weinberger, Executive Vice President for Sales & Marketing, SunTrac Solar Manufacturing LLC, warranties are important for this cutting edge technology. However, “Our expertise lies in technology, not warranties,” says Weinberger. “So we rely on a warranty company that really understands our business and can offer flexible and customized solutions for our customers.” Trinity provides both the OEM warranty as well as ESAs for those consumers who want more coverage.
Trinity Warranty understands that partnering with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) requires full knowledge of the needs of the distribution channel. Trinity’s goal is to design warranty products that meet consumer needs while providing the OEM with an attractive program that’s easy to administer. The warranty options are customized for the equipment covered and the ESA can easily be included in the sale. ”It saved us valuable time and money having a warranty company that fully understands our needs,” explains Weinberger.
SunTrac’s system works with a wide variety of residential air conditioning systems as well as commercial rooftop and chiller system applications. The SmartPanel™ provides heat and pressure normally generated by the HVACR compressor, allowing the compressor to stay in its low operating range where it consumes much less electricity. Results vary depending on the compressor type, manufacturer, age and condition, but an integrated SmartPanel™ can reduce compressor electricity consumption by up to 40%, and qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit.
The groundbreaking SmartPanel™ technology solves two major issues with solar thermal panels – degradation and stagnation. The patented panel design uses Rite Temp™ sensor technology to control the heat generated by the system. This safeguards the effectiveness and longevity of refrigerants and compressors. The system monitors and controls the pressure and heat added to the system’s refrigerant, which allows the system to maintain a steady refrigerant temperature, ensuring system pressures are kept within their optimal ranges.
SunTrac Solar began with Trinity in July of this year after evaluating multiple warranty providers’ products and services. The goal was to create a program that was simple and easy to sell and maintain. “Trinity met all our needs and is the best extended warranty provider we could have chosen,” Weinberger added.
“We are excited about this new partnership with SunTrac,” said John Grimaldi, Trinity Warranty Vice President of Sales. “Our goal was to make this program appealing and ensure consumers are confident their equipment is protected with excellent warranty coverage.”
About the companies
SunTrac manufactures solar thermal panels and systems designed for the HVAC industry. The company has developed a renewable energy system that has changed the way solar thermal energy is harvested and implemented...using the sun for cooling and heating! For more information, visit .
Trinity Warranty is a recognized leader in Extended Service Agreement (ESA) products and services. It provides risk management solutions to HVAC/R industry manufacturers, distributors, dealers and consumers. Trinity products lengthen the term of protection on a major purchase and have a significant positive impact on the sales process from Distributor, to Dealer, to the Consumer. To learn more, visit .