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Rheem Water Heater Warranty & Extended Warranties

Rheem brand of equipment has a history that dates back to 1925. Rheem initially created metal products with a focus on steel drums. In the 1930’s Rheem decided to enter into the water heater market. Today they are one of North America’s most recognized heating, cooling, and water heating brands. Rheem has distribution in more the 75 countries and 7 factories in the United States of America.

Rheem Tankless, Tank-Type, and Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Warranty

Rheem’s warranty varies by product and by series of products they manufacture. Rheem offers a variety of different series of equipment: Ikonic, Performance Platinum, Professional Classic, Performance Plus, Performance and Performance Prestige. Rheem’s warranty ranges from 12 years limited parts and 15 years on heat exchanger to just 5 years parts. To be eligible for the maximum warranty, the water heater needs to registered with Rheem. Rheem also offers 1-year labor warranty with some of its water heaters. Rheem parts, components, and unit replacement warranty details are found below.

Rheem water heaters are among the best in the industry

Contractors that install Rheem water heaters can add 10 years labor coverage for added protection.


Rheem Tankless Water Heater Warranty

Ikonic Super High Efficiency
Heat Exchanger 15 years
Conditional Parts 5 years
Labor 1 year
Performance Platinum & Performance Prestige
Conditional Parts 12 years
Performance & Performance Classic
Conditional Parts 5 years*

*12 years on some models

Trinity Warranty provides 10 years labor coverage for Rheem water heaters to put homeowners at ease.


Rheem Tank-Type Gas Water Heater Warranty

Professional Prestige, Performance Platinum & Performance Platinum Ultra
Conditional Parts 12 years*

*Some Professional Prestige models only come with 6 years

Professional Classic Plus & Professional Classic Plus Ultra
Conditional Parts 8 years*

*Some Performance Plus Ultra models offer 9 years

Professional Classic, Professional Classic Atmospheric, Performance High Demand & Performance Atmospheric
Conditional Parts 6 years
Performance Plus Atmospheric & Performance Plus Ultra
Conditional Parts 9 years

Rheem Hybrid Heat Pump Water Heater Warranty

Rheem ProTerra Plugin Heat Pump Water Heater
Conditional parts 10 years

Rheem Water Heater Extended Labor Warranty Solutions

Contractors or homeowners that are looking to extend Rheem’s water heater warranty, can add labor coverage to their installation. Trinity Warranty is a Plumbing & HVAC extended warranty solutions provider for plumbing & HVAC equipment, and offers solutions designed to expand the coverage currently offered by Rheem. Trinity provides a Rheem extended warranty solution of up to 10-years labor coverage for Rheem Tank- Type, Tankless and Hybrid Heat Pump water heaters.

Rheem Standard Warranty vs Extended Warranty Solution

Extended Service Agreements provide labor coverage for covered repairs

  Rheem standard warranty coverage With ESA extended coverage
Labor 0 year(few models offer 1 year) Up to 10 years
Conditional Parts Up to 12 years Up to 12 years
Heat Exchanger 0 years (15 years on few models) 0 years (15 years on few models)

Where Can I Register My Rheem Water Heater

To register your Rheem equipment visit Rheem's registration page and make sure to have your equipment's model and serial numbers handy.

Rheem Extended Warranty for Contractors

For contractors that are currently installing Rheem brand water heaters and are looking to add up to 10 years labor coverage, please reach out to us for pricing or details.

For more details on Trinity Warranty for contractors visit ESAs designed for Contractors 

Rheem Extended Warranty for Homeowners

If you are a homeowner that would like to have 10 years labor coverage for your new Rheem water heater, ask your contractor to reach out to Trinity Warranty to provide coverage.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. 

For more details on Trinity Warranty for equipment owners visit ESAs designed for Equipment Owners