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Trinity Warranty Extended Service Agreements
ESAs designed for Manufacturers / OEMs
Standing behind your products just got more rewarding.

Our program for OEMs and manufacturers includes:

Trinity Warranty OEM Program

It’s a known fact that lengthening the term of protection on a major purchase has a significant positive impact on the sales process from Distributor to Dealer to Consumer. We offer our OEM customers the ability to extend their product protection coverage periods while increasing return on investment, and taking on no additional financial risk.

An Extended Service Agreement (ESA) provides PARTS and LABOR coverage for:

New residential hvac equipment installation

New Residential Equipment

Coverage for 1, 2, 3, 5 or 10 years after installation

Equipment is considered new up to 2 years after installation and is eligible for coverage during that time.

Cooling air conditioning

New Commercial Equipment

Coverage up to 5 or 10 years after installation

Equipment is considered new up to 1 year after installation and is eligible for coverage during that time.

Ask our experts to explain the extended warranties available for your new equipment Contact us
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Even better, our ESAs require no inventory and no administration on your part.

Because we have a solid financial backing, you can trust your customers will be covered for the length of their warranty.

At Trinity we can underwrite and administer your complete factory warranty, or the individual part of your choice.

Standing Behind Your Products Just Got A Little More Profitable

Designed by industry veterans for industry veterans, we offer a number of custom Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) that bring differentiation, peace of mind and more sales to you and your customers.


Over 150 years of combined experience in the HVAC/R/P industries

Industry Leader

Sold over 1,000,000 ESA policies in our careers


Licensed in all 50 states


Backed by multiple “A” rated national insurance carriers

We can customize a program to fit around your equipment. Contact us

We can make your job easier and more profitable

Day 1 Administration - we underwrite your factory warranty and process claims from day 1.

Your core competency is manufacturing equipment, ours is warranty administration. By utilizing Trinity’s experience you can reduce your warranty processing costs and perhaps allocate the personnel into a profit-producing role. We can even take the risk off your books by underwriting your factory warranty from Day 1.

Branded OEM Program - gain a new source of revenue: add ESAs to standard OEM parts & labor warranties.

Trinity offers OEMs flexibility, increased sales and differentiation though Branded Extended Service Agreements (ESA's). These OEM branded plans extend the standard OEM parts and labor warranties for mechanical parts to a term of 5 or 10 years.

Product Line Extension Program - extend your product line by offering the same equipment with an ESA.

Using Trinity’s Line Extension Program, you can introduce a new brand or model with a 5 or 10 year parts warranty with no additional risk on the books.

Channel Conflict Program - offer ESAs to differentiate your products.

In today’s competitive marketplace, OEMs are all too often faced with the realizations of channel conflict. Occasionally, two great customers demand the same territory. Trinity’s OEM Channel Conflict Program is the perfect solution. Using a custom OEM program through Trinity, a customer may either be offered a model number or brand name without extra coverage, or the same product with an increased warranty term.

Guerilla Marketing Program - stimulate a down market by offering ESAs, reenergizing your customer base.

From time to time OEMs are faced with key markets not performing to expectations. An OEM with an under-performing market can partner with Trinity to extend the OEMs factory warranty for an additional time period. The result is excited customers, a great promotion and a hassle-free experience with Trinity’s handling of claims outside of the normal factory warranty period.

Trinity Warranty Extended Service Plans Include:

Our ESAs can be added to OEM offerings in several ways, each of which has been created to complement your strategic direction:

  • Buy-sell directly to the OEM
  • Sell directly to a distributor with a commission back to the OEM
  • Direct sale to the contractor with commissions back to the OEM.

There are several ways in which ESAs can be used:

  • Easy line extensions
  • Channel conflict resolution
  • Guerrilla marketing techniques to stimulate a down market
  • Removal of barriers when structuring a Key Account
  • Branded programs designed specifically for you

All brands covered Agreements can be purchased for ALL major brands.

Online program Easy online administration

You are ALL covered Equipment parts and labor is covered

100% coverage No deductible

Be confident All ESAs are fully insured by an "A" rated insurance company

Commercial HVAC/R Dispatch Services for Manufacturers/OEMs

Trinity Warranty is the only extended warranty provider with a national commercial HVAC & Refrigeration dispatch network servicing all 50 states. Our network is made up of over 7,000 licensed/bonded contractors. This allows for the ability to help support manufacturer warranty repairs, manufacturer special projects & component recall/ management. Trinity warranty also offers system install and commissioning services for OEM national account sales.

  • Warranty repair management throughout all 50 states
  • Commercial system install & commissioning services

OEM/Manufacturer Warranty Support Services

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HVAC commercial warranty repair management

Managing warranty repairs can be an obstacle for OEMs. Trinity offers national warranty repair services for manufacturers looking to streamline all OEM covered repairs through a single vendor.

Manufacturers will no longer need to find a new contractor for every repair location and the painstaking process of setting up new service vendors and managing payments.

Trinity can manage all warranty repairs and consolidate into one invoice.

Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration nationwide defect/recall repair services

When a product defect is discovered, manufacturers need to move quickly in order to protect their brand. Trinity can help support nationwide component repair/replace initiatives.

Our team of experienced HVAC & refrigeration professionals can work with manufacturers to schedule parts delivery & repairs nationwide. Turning a potential negative event into a testament of a manufacturers unparalleled product & customer support.

Payment and tracking options

  • Contractors can receive payments from a neutral 3rd party source
  • Third party non-distributor contractors can be hired to perform work if timely completion is of the utmost importance.
  • Project management can be provided reducing time constraints on internal resources required for daily operations.

Commercial System Install & Commissioning Services

Trinity Warranty provides installation & commissioning services to manufacturers that sell to national accounts.

With national HVAC & Refrigeration dispatch capabilities, Trinity is able to install systems across the US and make sure they are installed and commissioned to the manufacturer’s specifications. Taking the burden off the manufacturer and ensuring customers get excellent post-sale service and support.

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We offer coverage for all major brands & equipment types

We can create customized programs and cover nearly all types and sizes of HVAC/R/P equipment to meet your customer needs, unlike other TPAs which offer only standard programs and limited equipment coverage.

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Enroll in a Trinity manufacturer program and increase your competitive advantage

Begin to enjoy the benefits of customized programs that offer the opportunity to extend product shelter periods while maximizing profitability without creating additional financial risk.

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