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As a leader in facilities management and extended warranty solutions we are able to provide commercial properties with a managed cost alternative to facilities management. We combine Facility Assessment, Risk Analysis, Mechanical Asset Management, Remote Monitoring, Preventative Maintenance, & Service all in one place.

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Mechanical Asset Protection Solutions (MAPS)

Facility Asset Assessment

Providing detailed assessment of your mechanical assets for your national facility footprint.

Managed Cost Asset Management
Providing managed annual cost solutions for mechanical asset service & repair.
Preventative Maintenance
Comprehensive PM program designed to maximize mechanical efficiency & minimize downtime.
Remote Facility Monitoring

Around the clock facility monitoring that can detect, alert and initiate dispatch on demand.

24/7/365 Service Dispatch

Live in-house support staff available around the clock to provide support and service dispatch.

Unit Replacement Management

HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing equipment replacement management.

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Facility Asset Assessment

HVAC & Refrigeration assessments provide valuable insights for facilities managers. We can dispatch a licensed HVAC & Refrigeration technician to provide an accurate assessment of all your HVAC/R assets which includes an inventory of all your equipment along with their age, make, model, serial, size and condition.

Whether you are managing 1000’s of locations across the US or just 1, knowing the profile and condition of your equipment is key to managing your facilities.

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Managed Cost Asset Management

Providing a managed cost solution is a product of our in person facility assessment and industry data analysis. With this data, we can assess failure risk and create a managed annual cost that will take care of your facilities’ annual service, maintenance and help with budgeting.

Our managed cost asset management will provide valuable insights to managers and lighten the burden of creating budgets, vendor management, invoicing, NTE limits, work authorization, process planning and capital expense costing exercises.

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Preventative Maintenance

Our preventative maintenance service is among the most comprehensive in the industry. Since we help shoulder the load of your repair costs, we make sure that the level of maintenance we perform is the best in the industry.

We perform a detailed inspection along with maintenance which includes: cleaning, filter change, belt change, oiling, and more. Our services keep your system running efficiently and limit down time.

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Remote Facility Monitoring

Trinity gives Facilities Managers the ability to monitor their facilities remotely from anywhere.

Our monitoring solution provides custom notification settings that alert managers when a mechanical system is not operating properly and requires a technician’s attention before a failure takes place. It also puts valuable insight & historical data at the Facility Manager’s fingertips.

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24/7/365 Service

HVAC & Refrigeration mechanical failures do not have a 9-5 schedule, and neither do we! Trinity is on call 24/7/365, ready to deal with your service interruption whenever it may present itself.

We know the comfort and safety of your customers, residents, and employees is something you are passionate about, and so are we.

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Unit Replacement

Not every system will be eligible for a fixed cost solution, but that does not mean we don’t have you covered. If your HVAC or Refrigeration systems have exceeded their life expectancy, we will help you replace them.

Trinity works directly with some of the top HVAC & refrigeration system manufacturers. This way we can provide you with the best price for equipment without the additional contractor or warehouse distribution markups!. We will present a price that is void of contractor and WD markups!

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Industries we service

Trinity provides innovative solutions to customers with multiple store locations to help manage their HVAC, refrigeration and plumbing assets. With a network of over 7,000 contractors, we have your national footprint covered.

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We make facilities management, manageable

We can create customized programs and cover nearly all types and sizes of HVAC/R/P equipment to meet your customer needs, unlike other TPAs which offer only standard programs and limited equipment coverage.