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How HVAC & Plumbing Contractors Can Use Facebook Groups to Grow Their Customer Base

Facebook Groups is a great way to introduce your services to the local community.

Most cities have several community groups where individuals post about just about everything, from restaurant experiences to crime and everything in between. It is a great place for contractors to introduce themselves and even run a special for local customers.

Getting Started with Facebook

In order to interact on Facebook you need to have a Facebook account. At the very least you should have a personal Facebook account that you can use to post and interact with others on Facebook. You should also consider creating your own company Facebook page. I would also highly recommend you create a Google local listing, even if you don’t have a shop or an address, use your home as your place of business.

Step One – Find Groups

Once you have your account open use your computer to log in to your Facebook account. Navigate to the top left part of your screen and click on Groups. This will take you to Facebook Groups search area. Where you can search for local groups in your area.

You should start by searching for groups in the city you live in. For this example, I am using the city of Lombard IL your search query could be “Lombard IL Groups”. If you live on the border of two cities you can search for the neighboring cites as well.

What you will find when you search your city in the groups search bar are a list of different groups within the city you search. Not all the groups are applicable to you. For instance, in the example below we would not be looking to join a FreeCycle group. We would be looking for groups that are more general in nature and have a good number of members. In the search results provided below the group titled “Happenings in Lombard, IL” is a great example of a perfect local group to join.

Key Characteristics of great Groups:

Large number of members

The group is local

The title is broad

Allows posts from local business

Step Two - Join Groups

Once you find a group that fits the characteristics you are looking for the next step is to click the join button. In this case I have already joined this group, which is why the visit button is listed next to the group. Once you click the join button you will typically be met with a form that you need to fill out. The form will typically have questions for you to answer which the group manger uses to decide whether they will let you into the group. The questions are centered around being respectful to other groups members. The group rules will also be featured somewhere on the form. There may be some restrictions on how much you can post about your business or your products. So be mindful of that.

Step Three – Start Posting in the Groups

Once you send a request to join a group, It may take a few days for the admin of the group to approve your request or you may be able to join the group immediately. Once you are part of the group now its time to share a post about your business. Look on the left side of Facebook’s Homepage and click on the “Groups” section. It will bring up the groups that you have joined.

Click on the Group you have joined.

Once you click on the group you will see posts within the group, but the first block will be your profile picture with the text “Write something…” When you click on the text a larger text box will open for you to write in.

Here is where you are going to share some details about your company. It’s important to sound like a real person sharing details about you and your company. Things that you should definitely highlight in your post:

Let the community know what you do

Years of experience you have

Certifications you possess

Something unique about you

Make sure to reiterate that you are local and list your city

Share and offer within the post for local customers

Tell them about your family or your involvement in the community

Add pictures of your work, logo, outfit, office, van, etc.

Here is an example for an HVAC contractor:

Hello everyone my name is “Tom” I own “Tom’s Heating and Cooling” in Lombard. I live in Lombard with my wife and 2 children and I have been in HVAC for 14 years. My company is licensed and bonded to provide service and installation for Air conditioners, Furnaces and Heat Pumps. We provide free install quotes and offer 10 years parts and labor with all our installs. We also offer $160 annual maintenance specials for all Lombard residents.

Once you write your post, the button underneath your post will turn blue so you can post it to the group. After you post the next step is to interact with people that comment or react to your post. Make sure to thank people for their welcome to the group, respond to any questions or comments and if someone likes your post sent them a message thanking them for the interaction.

It would be a good habit to post once a month in each group you join. Just make sure to stay within the guidelines the groups have so you don’t get into any trouble.

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