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Oxbox Warranty & Oxbox Extended Warranty Solution

When a new brand of HVAC equipment is introduced to a market it is usually met with excitement and some skepticism.

Oxbox was recently launched and is endorsed by Trane, one of the most recognized brands in the industry. Trane’s endorsement of Oxbox lends to the durability of the equipment and the trust that comes with it. Oxbox boasts a great standard warranty that does not require registration, but for those looking to try the new brand an extended warranty solution is something worth considering.

Is Oxbox a good HVAC system?

Oxbox HVAC systems present themselves as the best pick for value seeking homeowners, homebuilders, developers, and property managers in the residential markets. They boast several qualities that differentiate them. For starters they fit right into a contractor’s ability to offer great, better, and best products to accommodate the homeowners needs.

Though the brand is new, it is a system that you should definitely consider.

How much do Oxbox systems cost?

Oxbox systems are competitively priced, allowing for a best value option for contractors and homeowners when it comes to replacing their HVAC system. They also boast a wide range of products including air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, air handlers, packaged units, and indoor air coils.

Contractors looking to offer Oxbox HVAC systems can add 10 years parts and labor coverage for added protection.


Oxbox heating and cooling system warranty

Oxbox provides a 1-5-7 year warranty that does not require registration.

Oxbox offers a 1 year complete replacement if the coil, heat exchanger, or compressor fails in the first year, a 5 year parts warranty, and 7 year compressor coverage. For gas furnaces and packaged gas/electric units, Oxbox offers a 20-year warranty.

Oxbox warranty coverage
Complete replacement 1 year
Parts coverage 5 years
Compressor 7 years
Heat exchanger for gas furnace 20 years

Trinity Warranty provides 10 years parts and labor coverage for Oxbox HVAC systems to put homeowners at ease.


Oxbox extended parts and labor warranty solution

Contractors that have been installing Oxbox have great things to say about the systems, and so do the homeowners. When contractors or homeowners are looking to expand the peace of mind that comes with Oxbox’s current 1-5-7 warranty, they can do so with adding additional parts coverage.

Choose Trinity Warranty to provide an extended parts warranty solution

Trinity Warranty, an HVAC extended warranty solutions provider, has a solution designed to expand the coverage currently offered by Oxbox to 10 year parts and compressor coverage.

Oxbox extended warranty solution by Trinity provides 6th- 10th year parts & 8th – 10th year compressor coverage for Oxbox residential air conditioner and heat pump systems.

Trinity Warranty provides extended labor coverage for Oxbox systems

Trinity warranty provides an HVAC labor warranty solution for OxBox systems as well. HVAC Labor coverage starts from the 91st day after the install up to the 10th year. It is a great way to provide the ultimate peace of mind. For homeowners and contractors alike. 

OxBox standard warranty vs extended warranty solution

Extended Service Agreements provide additional parts coverage over what manufacturers provide, and also provide labor coverage for covered repairs

  OxBox standard warranty coverage ESA extended coverage
Labor 0 year 10 years
Complete replacement 1 year 1 year
Parts 5 years 10 years
Compressor 7 years 10 years
Heat exchanger for gas furnace 20 years 20 years

Trinity Warranty is the best extended warranty solutions provider for the HVAC and plumbing industries. Trinity Warranty boasts the guaranteed best value in extended warranty solutions when it comes to price, product, and support. When affordable peace of mind is what you are after, Trinity Warranty is your best choice.

Oxbox extended warranty for contractors 

For contractors that are currently installing OxBox brand systems and are looking to extend coverage on parts to 10 years and/or add labor coverage, please reach out to us for pricing or details.

For more details on Trinity Warranty for contractors visit ESAs designed for Contractors

Oxbox extended warranty for homeowners

If you are a homeowner that would like to have 10 years parts and/or labor coverage for your Oxbox home comfort system, ask your contractor to reach out to Trinity Warranty to provide coverage.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

For more details on Trinity Warranty for equipment owners visit ESAs designed for Equipment Owners