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Trane Warranty & Trane Extended Warranty Solutions

Trane has a history that dates back to 1885. Founded in La Crosse, Wisconsin by James Trane, a Norwegian immigrant. James Trane was inspired by the cold winters in Wisconsin and invented a low-pressure heating system which he named Trane Vapor Heating System. When his son Rueben returned from college with a degree in mechanical engineering, father and son began manufacturing, and in 1913 The Trane Company was incorporated. Reuben invented the convertor radiator in 1923 which established the company’s reputation for excellence, and Trane has continued to be one of the top brands in HVAC ever since.

Trane heat pump, furnace, and air conditioner warranty

Trane’s warranty varies by type of system and model they manufacture. Trane offers a standard Trane brand air conditioner and its trademarked TruComfort series. Trane’s warranty is among the best in the industry generally ranging from 10 years limited parts to limited lifetime on major components. To be eligible for the maximum warranty the systems need to registered with Trane. Trane does not include labor coverage as part of its standard manufacturer warranty. Trane’s parts, major component, and other warranty details are found below.

Trane’s warranty is among the best in the industry

Contractors looking to offer Trane HVAC systems can add 10 years labor coverage for added protection.


Trane Heat Pump Warranty

Standard Heat Pump Warranty
Conditional parts coverage 10 years
Compressor 10 years (12 years for some models)

Trinity Warranty provides 10 years labor coverage for Trane HVAC systems to put homeowners at ease.


Trane Furnace Warranty

Standard Furnace Warranty Coverage
Conditional parts 10 years
Heat Exchanger 20 years (Lifetime for some systems)

Trane Air Conditioner Warranty

Trane’s TruComfort Air Conditioner Warranty
Limited Parts 10 years
Compressor 12 years
Trane’s Standard Air Conditioner Warranty
Limited Parts 10 years
Compressor 10 years

Heat Pump, Air Conditioner & Furnace extended labor warranty solutions

Contractors or homeowners can add labor coverage to their install if they are looking to extend Trane’s standard warranty. Trinity Warranty is an HVAC extended warranty solutions provider, and offers solutions that expand the standard warranty currently offered by Trane to include up to 10 years of labor coverage. Trinity provides a Trane extended warranty solution of up to 10-years labor coverage for Trane residential heat pump, furnace, & air conditioner systems.

Trane Warranty vs Extended Warranty Solution

Extended Service Agreements provide labor coverage for covered repairs

  Trane standard warranty coverage With ESA extended coverage
Labor 0 year Up to 10 years
Limited Parts 10 years 10 years
Compressor 10 years ( 12 with some models) 10 years ( 12 with some models)
Heat exchanger 20 years (Lifetime on some models) 20 years (Lifetime on some models)

Where can I register my Trane HVAC Equipment?

To register your Trane equipment visit Trane's registration page and make sure to have your equipment's model and serial numbers handy.

Trane extended warranty for contractors

For contractors that are currently installing Trane brand systems and are looking to add up to 10 years labor coverage, please reach out to us for pricing or details.

For more details on Trinity Warranty for contractors visit ESAs designed for Contractors 

Trane extended warranty for homeowners

If you are a homeowner that would like to have 10 years labor coverage for your Trane home comfort system, ask your contractor to reach out to Trinity Warranty to provide coverage.  Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. 

For more details on Trinity Warranty for equipment owners visit ESAs designed for Equipment Owners