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Why Do Contractors Offer HVAC & Plumbing Extended Warranties Part 2 Customer Service

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Customer Experience Without Labor Warranty

In this video we're going to take a look at two examples today in the first example a contractor that did not include extended labor with their new install and also maintains the system for the homeowner. After a few years the homeowner reaches out to the contractor and lets them know that their air conditioner is not working the contractor shows up and finds out that the system is not working because the coil is defective. The contractor now has to replace that coil. Even though that coil is covered under the manufacturer's warranty, the contractor is now faced with the challenge of informing the homeowner that they have to pay them approximately a thousand dollars to get that coil replaced.

The homeowner is not going to be happy; they purchased that new system with the understanding that they were not going to have to make any large ticket repair in the foreseeable future and the contractor probably used that as a selling point when they sold them that system but here we are today and the customer is now without air conditioning and you're asking them for a thousand dollars. To make matters worse the customer is most likely still making payments on their new system. Needless to say, the trust between the homeowner and the contractor is broken, they're probably going to ask for a second opinion and they're not going to use you for the repair in addition to that you're going to lose the maintenance from that customer and you're also going to lose any other services you might be offering them, for example plumbing.

Customer Experience With Labor Warranty

In the second example a contractor includes extended labor with that install. In this example the contractor shows up to the homeowner and finds out that the coil is defective at that point he goes back to the shop gets a new coil and replaces the old one. The homeowner is able to have their home cooled same day and the contractor will not have to charge that homeowner anything, and the contractor won't have to lose any service revenue either. He's going to go back to his office and file a claim and get paid for that repair.

Before that contractor leaves the home, it gives them an opportunity to ask the homeowner a few things. First, were they satisfied with the level of service that they provided, it is likely that the homeowner will be satisfied it's at this point that the contractor can ask that homeowner for a review to share their experience on social media and to offer a referral. In this example we saw how a potential bad customer experience can be averted by offering extended labor with your installs.

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I'm going to leave you with two statistics before we go, the first is 95% of customers will take a look at a company's reviews before making a purchase and second is 65% of customers surveyed will change providers if they have one poor customer experience with them.

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