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Ecoer Selects Trinity Warranty Solutions as their Warranty Partner

June 4th, 2020 – Trinity Warranty announced that Ecoer has joined a growing number of HVAC equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that rely on Trinity to provide their OEM warranty.

Trinity Warranty is a veteran in the warranty industry, and understands the intricacies of designing, implementing, and administering original equipment manufacturer (OEM) warranties and value-added services.  Trinity’s goal is to design warranty products that maximize consumer confidence while providing the OEM with an end-to-end solution that is easy to administer.

Rick Warner, Vice President & General Manager of Ecoer, Inc. explains, “When we at Ecoer started looking for an extended labor warranty company that would be a good fit for our unique product offering, Trinity’s name kept popping up through recommendations.  What interested us the most during our research was that Trinity took the time to listen and understand our technology and goals.  They were able to customize a program for us that not only served our policy needs, but they also understood how our product tied well into their programs, which in turn kept the costs down.  This is how Ecoer can offer 3 years of labor at no cost on a qualified system, with the ability to add an additional 7 years at an industry leading low cost to the homeowner.”

Trinity took the time to listen and understand our technology and goals

Peter Dikeos, President of Trinity Warranty adds, “Trinity Warranty provides customized solutions to complement the warranty needs of manufacturers and bring their products to market with a full set of warranty options. Ecoer has a uniquely well-designed solution for residential and commercial heating and cooling that will provide comfort at a very economical operating cost. Trinity has a long history of supporting innovative and green technologies by way of providing extended warranty solutions & Extended Service Agreements (ESAs) to the manufacturers of such products, and is proud that Ecoer chose us to be its partner.”

Trinity Warranty provides customized solutions to complement the warranty needs of manufacturers 

 About the companies

Ecoer is a US company focusing on offering the best ducted Residential Air Conditioner and Heat Pump systems using Inverter and “Smart” IoT Technology. Ecoer’s goals are to provide a high efficiency product at an affordable price, simplify the inverter install process, and connect the contractor to the homeowner and their systems. To learn more, visit

Trinity Warranty is a recognized leader in Extended Service Agreement (ESA) products and services. It provides risk management solutions to HVAC/R industry manufacturers, distributors, dealers and consumers. Trinity products lengthen the term of protection on a major purchase and have a significant positive impact on the sales process from Distributor, to Dealer, to the Consumer. To learn more, visit